My Way

Petra Schubert Lechner, painter visual artist - I paint and I sculpt on issues, changes that seek to transcend the experiences of my life. My song to nature offers a tender look - hopefully - on our environment if mishandled. Creating beauty with the remains useless, I want to restore a poetic dialogue with Mother Earth in a respectful and sensitive approach.

Of German origin, living thirty years in the Toulouse region, finally live in my favorite valley in the Hauts Cantons, under the watchful eye of the mountain colors, the Caroux the precious heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Park. I am happy to find this exceptional natural heritage, every day I discover unusual color combinations.

At the same time I paint, I paint to express what has always been that I can not express with words, sometimes words can cause pain. Petra painted "what time we leave, what time brings and leaves as its alluvial river ... stratification ... "

My reconciliation with my country, Germany ... Back to my story, "is to transform the chaos in the process of change" and live in the moment with all its harsh beauty, tears of joy and pain.

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