Poppy and Company

Flowers resistance - Tribute to "weeds"

The path of those who walk with their heads right ...

They are still standing, they are still standing these wildflowers, these weeds if unloved and treated so badly. I call them flowers in resistance, because they did not leave completely exterminate them resistant to horrible chemical bombs and even they are able to develop incredible survival strategies.

Poppies, cornflowers, daisies ... my flowers, sculptures do not always like them (exactly). Their Sisters Flowers created free interpretation are made with recycled materials (plastic bottles, electrical cables ...). In fact, a creative act, I reinserted the household and industrial waste into a new cycle.

My achievements show my argument for the preservation and care that should be made to wild plants. Remember that, for example, the disappearance of bees is closely linked to the destruction of wild flowers: more bees more fruits or vegetables ...

Love and respect I feel since my childhood to GAIA, the Earth, our source of nourishment, I express it in appropriating the debris left by the throw-away society. My artistic intervention addresses various aspects of the current problem and future waste from our production and consumption. This new pathway promotes waste and sees them as resources rather than as remnants unnecessary and cumbersome. This new way of looking at the world she may encourage consumers to change their behavior?

"Man looks at the flower. The flowers smiled." Zen Koan

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